VMinc, the social media, event publicity, club events, Music/Video promo, Marketing/Promotions and brand awareness company focused on generating bottom line results for its clients is rolling out the pilot episode of its #VMincDiscuss event.

The event which will serve to be a platform to network, create and provide innovative solutions to TAKORADI’s social issues for young people, both in the working and non-working class to share ideas and opportunities and also provide better alternatives to already existing and tried solutions only this time, taking into consideration changing times and technological advancement and also, initiate a Social Behavioral Communication Change process.

VMinc in Partnership with Paragon 99.9 FM is going to be hosting the first of the quarterly event, with the theme “BUILDING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP”.  It has been designed to equip young people and adults with factual information and values to have safe, fulfilling and enjoyable relationships and to take responsibility for their sexual health and well-being.

The importance of the event is to have a discourse where all attendees share and educate each other on sexual consent from their own point of view or knowledge and to learn more about the nature of controlling sexual pleasures as well as the importance of family and up bring from SRH Advocates / Counselors.

Speakers at the event will be Mrs Anita Tagoe( Marriage Counsellor), Mr. Francis Oko Armah (SRHR Youth Advocate) and Mr. Peter Kwaku Titiati (Regional Manager, Mariestopes International)

Story by forgh.com