The spate of damage visited on the environment through the activities of Galamsey operators has hit an all-time high according to environmentalists. Nonetheless, virtually nothing is done by political and traditional leaders to arrest the snag.

Fortunately, there is frenzy among Ghanaians lately, driven largely by Citi FM’s #StopGalamseyNow campaign. The action is spearheaded by the team of the Citi Breakfast Show (which is transmitted every day on Paragon 99.9 FM). It involves the distribution of flyers with inscriptions meant to sensitize Ghanaians to the effects of Galamsey and inform them of some thematic suggestions demanded of authorities in the country.

As partners of Citi FM in Takoradi, Paragon FM staff joined the campaign on major streets and spots in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis.


“I always expected a positive reception from the people out there, but little did I think it would be euphoric. There are many who are aware of the dark repercussion(s) of Galamsey. It’s good to note that many are optimistic about the outcome of the campaign. Few, however suggest it will be impossible to curb the situation given the powerful figures they speculate are patrons of the operations. Basically, there is a silent majority out there who need a medium to voice their fury. They are grateful Paragon got closer to them”- Raphael Kodjoe

“I was disturbed by the general feeling of resignation that a lot of the people I interacted with had, they were aware of the situation, knew of the near-irreversible harm that the ‘galamsey’ miners were doing to our ecology. They know, have seen videos and pictures of water bodies ruined and lands stripped bare and in spite of it all felt nothing could be done as they believed that certain ‘Big Men’ were controlling the activities of these miners. It was a sad feeling, interviewing people this conditioned to accepting defeat.” - Yao Mawutor Fianu

“I was astonished beyond measure when one man asked for more of my leaflets for distribution in his vicinity. He lamented about the adverse effects of Galamsey in Bogoso, where he lived. The usual narrative suggests that the locals benefit from and support the business, but that revelation suggested otherwise. We have a long way to go, and we shall get there eventually” – Chelsey Sey