Music is one of the essentials that make a radio station attractive amongst it audience. According to a survey by the BBC in 2004 majority (78%) of people listen or get glue to a particular station due to the kind of songs being  played on air. Arguably, music drives a radio station.

Therefore as a station reaches out to it  target audience, the personnel behind the console brewing all the classics for feet-tapping and head-nodding pleasure is very crucial.

SAM PORSH of Paragon 99.9 unequivocally is peerless in the Western Region of Ghana. The Takoradi Technical University  graduate has under his sleeves the charm, finesse and style to transcend generations as well as genre.

Listen to the sabbatical Root Reggae Show on Saturdays 6-9. This chap blends the reggae genre effortless as well as properly research tunes to suit all ages. From Bob Marley to Jah Cure and a whole lot.  No wonder many cars and household are locked on to Paragon FM every Saturday mornings to start their weekend.


Also, the former ST. Mary SHS gentleman co-host the Club Heat Waves every Saturday Evenings. The show is mainly urban hip-hop clubby show to serve as a precursor for weekend clubbing experience. DJ Sam Porsh yet on the show  is absolutely on top of his game.

A mix of old school nostalgic hip-hop, GH party tunes detouring with current chart toppers, dancehall and  EDMs to create the perfect atmosphere for clubbing. This is exactly what DJ Sam Porsh serves on the show.


Sam Porsh once gain keeps demonstrating why he’s incomparable with selections on the GH Groove Mondays to Fridays 1-2pm.  The unique thing about Porsh on the show is how he has attributed genres to each day of the week, therefore no one is left out to the taste of good music from the motherland.

From crank, Rnb, dancehall to highlife, he’s got you sorted. One amazing feat of Sam Porsh on the GH Groove is  how he constantly promote indigenous up and coming acts from the region on the show.

The Ntukwadze Breda has the Paragon Highway hinged on his shoulders. Looking at the style of Paragon FM and their targeted audiences, DJ Sam Porsh exhibits his dexterity of music.  His musical cataloge on the show spanks from the 70s to current  hits both  International and local.

Sam Porsh currently is the only salsa DJ in the region. Catch him as he plays you tunes from Carlos Santana, Marc Anthony and co. every Thursdays at the Paragon Terrace as you dance salsa.

For his  he has been nominated for the Best Radio DJ in the Western Music Awards slated for the 12 of May, 2018.  Sam Porsh is a typical definition of a radio DJ and his versatility makes him unrivaled amongst him cohorts.

By Selorm